Ben Loiz & Carolina Chaves

Relax. Ben Loiz and Carolina Chaves are going to take you to a happy place. A place where everything is clean, but not too clean; sweet but never saccharine. In their shared LA studio, the pair has created an adorably abstract world, where clever typography [see Ben’s alphabet, created entirely from the natural curves of rubber bands] lives with cute characters among the leaves, branches, and geometrical shapes of their vision.

Together, Loiz and Chaves have applied their playfully elegant design style to projects for Nike, Coca-Cola, Hello Kitty, and Hennessey + Ingalls Books and have created album art for Stones Throw Records and Ninja Tune. To get a better idea of Loiz and Chaves’ fun-loving collaborative process, check out the mural Loiz recently created with Chaves’ help for Nike’s Joga Bonito campaign in LA. Inviting some friends along, the pair tossed and kicked soccer balls that had been dipped in paint at a wall to create another larger, circular shape consisting of the country colors of Brazil – turning their tribute to the game of soccer into a game of its own.

As a former dance teacher, Loiz is particularly attuned to the power of the sounds around him. “We wanted to reflect the movement and energy of music.” He says of their slipmat contribution.