Bob Kronbauer

While Bob Kronbauer is certainly multitalented, he’s possibly not a multitasker: “Music either gets in the way or it totally paves the way for an idea. When I’m working on the computer I find it really distracting, but it’s definitely a source of inspiration when I’m not trying to concentrate on clicking.” When he’s not concentrating on clicking the mouse [for either his successful skateboard graphic design ventures or his Crownfarmer streetwear label], you’ll probably find him clicking the shutter for diverse clients, such as Anthem magazine, Coca-Cola, and a host of skateboard mags. Despite all the business, looking at the deceptively childlike iconography on his slipmat offering, it’s apparent that Kronbauer is here to play. With others. The mat is quaintly biographical, each symbol a shout-out to friends in the various cities represented. When we asked him what city he felt has the best nightlife, he responded, “Any city where my friends are drinking beer together.” From ad hoc collaborations, his place in the tight-knit skateboarding community, the subjects of his photography, and the democratic affair that makes up Crownfarmer, it’s readily apparent where Bob finds his source of inspiration: life and the people around him. “I like [the artistic intersection of] homelessness and fashion, but not like Zoolander. Just like when you see bums rocking cool gear, or they’ve made their own clothes. They each run their own individual styles, and that kinda shit stokes me out.” Defecting from British Columbia to the ripe skateboarding scene in LA for five years, three of which were spent cube-bound as a designer for Spike Jonze’s skateboard company, Girl Skateboards, he’s recently returned north to Vancouver. His follow-up book to 2004’s Beach Glass is due out in ’07.