Genevieve Gauckler

You might think twice before chomping down on your next sandwich if you knew just how adorable a baguette could be if someone, perhaps someone like, say…Genevieve Gauckler had at it with a Sharpie and drew a little face on there. Gauckler’s work is a tour de force of cuteness, but let there be no uncertainty, this is no Disneyland. Her army of fantastical, colorful characters live very much in the real world. Abstract blobs grow arms and legs and hang out in the office, making casual observations [“It’s very quiet here”] while on the flipside, very real everyday objects such as cars and computer cables are transformed into bizarre yet endearing characters. Her sense of humor and playful tone instills emotion into characters that, despite their seeming otherworldliness, might otherwise be seen as potatoes with legs. Not content to stick to one medium, Gauckler’s creations find their way out into the world through magazine illustrations [for publications like Beaux Arts, Minimix, and Lab], comic books, shampoo bottles, custom web design, posters, and through her work with the digital art collective Pleix. She is also the designer of numerous album covers and for artists including Laurent Garnier and Saint Germain, and has worked on several music videos. When asked to comment on the connection between her visual art and music, Gauckler replied,“If my art could be a music style, I would love it to be disco music! So direct, so simple, obvious.”