Jeremy Hollister

As the man who brought A Nice Set to fruition, we obviously know Jeremy Hollister. We know he founded and heads New York City creative studio Plus et Plus. We know he earned his chops as a creative director at R!ot Design, where he spent several years working on music videos for the likes of Steve Reich and broadcast projects for clients such as MTV, SciFi, and ESPN, handily picking up a couple of ProMax and BDA awards along the way. We know all about his often politically minded self-initiated graphic and film work, which has been exhibited by ResFest, OneDotZero, and the Wired Store. What we don’t know is when he sleeps. [Or where he gets those avant-garde haircuts.…] Maybe it’s the surfer in him that keeps Hollister seemingly sane as he juggles a constant influx of projects that involve everything from film and motion graphics projects to print work for brands including Nike, Doc Martens, MAC Cosmetics, Volvo and Laforet while simultaneously finding time to put together projects like the book you’re holding in your hand. One might venture the guess that Hollister couldn’t get his mind off his work when creating his globally minded camouflage slipmats – Plus et Plus regularly works with clients across Asia and Europe. But not so, according to the man himself. “I guess it’s the idea that a DJ has the world in his hands when he is playing for that moment. Also, that the music reaches so many people and that its power can help to either confuse the world or to change it.”