Somewhere south of the equator there is a place called Jeremyville. Housed in every imaginable medium – comic strips, t-shirts, vinyl toys, stickers, you name it – the glassy-eyed populace of this town live in relative harmony, going to work, falling in love, writing haikus, and only occasionally do they behead each other or turn into zombies. Jeremy, the town founder, mayor, and namesake, has his hands more than full with his duties, which include authorship of the vinyl toy bible Vinyl Will Kill!, a book that takes an insider’s look at the work that goes into producing designer toys, running Sydney’s Jeremyville Store [where you can find the Jeremyville clothing and designer toy lines], working with a list of design clients that includes MTV and Adio shoes, and helming the massive and highly regarded Sketchel project, which has brought 230 artists together so far to design one-of-a-kind illustrated shoulder bags. Jeremy packed as many of his subjects as possible onto his pair of slipmats, aptly titled “Come Together.” Offering an updated look at the classic ’60s psychedelic rock poster, Jeremy says of his pieces, “It’s about unifying disparate peoples, influences, and ways of thinking.”