Judy Wellfare

Though she probably wouldn’t admit it, Judy Wellfare has embarked on a quest for world domination. Yes, it sounds dramatic, but this is the only way to explain the artist’s actions over the course of her career. With a resume boasting international gigs that should come with an atlas for reference, Wellfare has worked as manager of an American rock band in Shanghai, a designer for Sony in Tokyo, and the director of a popular sketch comedy show for Hong Kong’s Channel [V] [an experience that led her on a tour of Asia with the cast, where they found out the hard way that the good people of Qatar don’t take kindly to having dead fish tossed at their Distashas. Go figure…]. Says the artist of her sharklike inability to stay in one place, “I’m always on the move, creatively and globally. I can’t keep still, I need a change of influence, people, environment, and this influences the way I work. I do what I do so that I can explore new ways of thinking, techniques, solutions, forms of expression, and communication.”

As creative director at design and creative studio Plus et Plus, Wellfare now uses New York City as home base when she’s not off bouncing around the world creating everything from TV commercials to print ads for domestic and international clients such as MAC Cosmetics, Nike, Japan’s PARCO department store, Starbucks Japan, clothing graphics for Artful Dodger, and more.

To say Wellfare went retro with her slipmats is an understatement – the artist took it all the way back to the beginning and gave us a psychedelic look at Adam and Eve. Said the artist, “I was thinking about the seductive qualities of music, when an image of Adam and Eve popped into my head…What if the first temptation was music? I can’t imagine a world or space without it.”