Kai & Sunny

“I think I was always drawn to music and later loved designing for it. I always look at music as the highest art form,” says Kai Clements, one half of London design team Kai and Sunny [aka Anthony Sunter]. After both graduated with degrees in graphic design, Sunny went to design for the streetwear brand Maharishi, while Kai went to Mo’ Wax. After joining forces, both men’s powerful attraction to the imagery of music figured into their designs, creating an aesthetic as entertaining as it is illuminating. In Kai’s description of Call of the Wild, their line of men’s shirts, cushions, wallpaper, and accoutrements, he simply compares it to “pop.” Silkscreening monochromatic psychedelia and grabby skeletons onto their wares, the line could lean just as near “psych-rock,” and Kai even suggests the similar graphics that adorn their slipmat contributions are representative of dance music. Of the mats he says, “Both pieces represent decay and regeneration. To me, on certain levels this is how music can work. Music is always changing, breaking down, and reinventing itself.”

Genre debate aside, the clothing line has quickly gained a market throughout Europe, as well as in Hong Kong and Tokyo. Additionally, their ad work includes the notable commissions of a press and poster campaign for EA Sports, an ingenious ad for the Evening Standard, the book jacket design for David Mitchell’s Booker Prize short-listed novel Cloud Atlas [Hodder & Stoughton], and an image for Levi’s that earned them a D&AD Silver nomination.