Ray Smith

Employing one of his trademark “Symmians” as a means to create an homage to the record labels found in his vinyl collection, London-based illustrator Ray Smith manipulated text and color to create an angry monkey born from other images. “Like most of my work, it mixes the basic concepts of hip hop and pop art…creating something new out of multiple and differing sources,” says Smith of his art.

A self-described “real illustrator since ’98,” [prior to that he was apparently “the kid in the corner drawing”] Smith’s inimitable style displays an elegant Rorschach-like symmetry. Using intricate patterns formed from a disparate pool of objects – branches, shoes, fish, to name a few – to create new images, his work is a sort of color-soaked, multifaceted feast for the eyes that has drawn the admiration of clients including Absolut, Rolling Stone, GQ, and The Guardian.