Universal Everything

In the attic of his Sheffield home, Matt Pyke is pressing the buttons and pulling the levers that keep his creative studio, Universal Everything, humming. With a rotating stable of designers, animators, musicians, programmers, and sound designers, the aptly named Universal Everything is a consortium of ridiculously talented creatives from all over the planet that have been IMing and video chatting their way through various projects for big-name clients like MTV, Nike, Canon, and Nokia for the past two years. For a studio with so many cooks in the kitchen, and with such a diverse client roster, the most striking thing about Universal Everything is its unique style. Whether you are looking at the lightboxes they created for a recent show at Paris’ Colette store, their sleek broadcast work for MTV, or their plasma screen installations for One Dot Zero’s Transvision event at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, Universal Everything’s high-contrast blasts of color and clean fluid lines make you feel a little bit like you’re staring into the future. True to form, the slipmats – described by Matt Pyke as being influenced by “Greek geometry vs. wet paint” – started with tidy geometric shapes, which then quite literally received splashes of color thanks to liberal applications of dripping yellow and hot pink paint.